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By working with us, you can focus on your marketing & sales activities that will help you boost your business and resell our products successfully in your market.

What's in it for you

premiumXL for resellers

Product sourcing

As a premiumXL reselling partner, you profit from our expertise in sourcing attractive branded home & living products at low prices. We constantly have large amounts of all our products on stock and can thus deliver to you quickly and flexibly.

We are experts

If desired, you can make use of our sourcing and logistics expertise as a procurement tool for your specific individual product demand. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you.

Our reselling partners

We cooperate with well established and newly found reselling partners.

Flexibel shipping

We provide flexible shipping methods: parcel carrier, freight forwarder or self-collection from our warehouses five days a week.

We deliver to all EU countries
no matter where you your business is located.

When working with us as your reselling partner
in the Home & Living niche...


There is no need for you to invest time and money into finding reliable suppliers or agents


You don’t need to get involved in rather huge investments for storage space and stock keeping of products since you always have immediate access to our large stock of more than 4.500 different products from eight main and more than 40 sub categories.


You don’t have to get involved into complex import and customs clearance procedures.


Making use of our fulfillment capacities offers drastically shortened lead times compared to buying and importing goods yourself.

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